Henna at Selfridges


I don’t normally do mini blog posts but I am so in Love with my new henna that I thought it would be great to share it with you guys, especially at this time of the year. I decided to get henna just for the hell of it as I’ve always been a fan but I am going to get it extra topped up for the ‘Lovebox’ festival for which I cannot wait. For any of you jetting off to Ibiza or any other fun holiday destination, I think this would also look great out there.

I think back tattoos (done well) can be amazing on other people but know it’s not something I would ever get done myself. But that’s not necessarily so with henna and maybe henna on my back is the next way to go.

Henna: Selfridges 

Spain snapshot


As mentioned in my previous blog post I was recently lucky enough to be taken on a trip to Spain with feelgooddrinks were I managed to make the most of the pretty backdrops for some serious photo sessions. The photos in this blog post were all taken for my Instagram but I thought – why not turn it into a blog post too? I find it so much more fun shooting different clothing and looks abroad, everything seems so new and exciting to say nothing of the permanent sunshine. I am keeping my fingers crossed for some other exciting trips before the end of summer comes around.