Adidas Vibes

20161208_EMMA_0635_INSTA20161208_EMMA_0658_INSTA20161208_EMMA_0524_INSTA20161208_EMMA_0529_INSTA20161208_EMMA_0561_INSTA20161208_EMMA_0581_INSTA20161208_EMMA_0603_INSTA20161208_EMMA_0673_INSTA20161208_EMMA_0690_INSTASo every now and then its fun to mix things up and wear something slightly less expected which is what I have tried to do here. Adidas is one of those brands that although  already massively global, just keeps getting bigger and bigger by marketing itself in such clever View Post

Tommy take 2

20161122_EMMA_0253_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0229_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0250_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0265_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0289_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0314_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0315_BLOGHello everyone, hope you’re all having a wonderful 2017 so far and….. sticking to your resolutions. I am not drinking coffee or alcohol in January and 11 days in I’m still alive and doing just fine. Anyway, moving onto the outfit – this is definitely up there with my all View Post

It’s only Rock and Roll but I like it

20161122_EMMA_0162_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0142_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0115_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0143_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0170_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0190_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0201_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0217_BLOGHow great is it that we can play around with fashion and dress according to our moods and tastes according to the day, and today I felt like mixing it up a little with a bit of a  ‘rock and roll’ vibe. I wear far too much make up and fake tan to ever be a true ‘rock  chick’ but I View Post

Trouble Maker

20161206_EMMA_1051_INSTA20161206_EMMA_0964_INSTA20161206_EMMA_0970_INSTA20161206_EMMA_0995_INSTA20161206_EMMA_1019_INSTA20161206_EMMA_1023_INSTA20161206_EMMA_1029_INSTA20161206_EMMA_1035_INSTA20161206_EMMA_1057_INSTASo how adorable is this whole outfit? I mean, so much print and excitement – an element of ’60’s’ and punk all sort of rolled into one. I wouldn’t normally be wearing this skirt top combination as an every day option but every now and then its nice to mix things up View Post