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If like me, you feel you use a black dress as a ‘go to’ look a little too often, try one with a cut out detail, separating it from being just ‘another black dress’. I’ve paired it here with matching cut out black shoes but any type of sandal heal would go. To stick with the theme of black I’ve also included a black ‘over the shoulder’ bag. I actually think a clutch bag would be more appropriate with this outfit but I always fill my bags with so much (unnecessary) stuff that I find clutch bags don’t really work for me! However maybe the secret of wearing the LBD is its context and here I have used red as in my nails and the soles of my shoes to highlight and give definition.

Dress: Misguided

Shoes (Similar): Asos



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  1. aino jokela
    13th March 2016 / 9:09 am

    Love soles of your shoes and your nails-perfect!

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