From city to beach

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So, probably like most girls I have more than enough bikinis in my wardrobe (especially for our legendary English summer) but come on its always fun getting a new one and what better excuse than with a holiday coming up!  I particularly liked
the shape of this bikini top and its departure from the typical ‘triangle shape’ which for me makes it kinda classy and reminds me of the LBD I wore a few posts back. Here I am just wearing plain black sunglasses from Misguided but I love the shape of the frame which has a Prada look about it and yet for only 5% of the price- literally! Finally, I think the choker brings the whole look together and makes it more playful and fun. I’ve seen loads of people in London clubs wearing them and I thought it would be an easy accessory for the beach as its not too heavy or hot to wear in the heat while making a simple bikini a little more dressy.

Bikini: Misguided

Sunglasses: Misguided

Choker: Misguided


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