Working the New Era


From since I can remember I’ve always had a massive soft spot for hats. I think hats are such an underrated accessory which in my opinion  can make an outfit and take something from ordinary to eye catching. In this look I am warring a New Era snapback. Snapbacks are perfect on holiday and in the heat because not only are they really convenient but they also bring out my inner hipster and come with an ‘on the streets’ vibe! As for the clothes; a white top and denim shorts is my ‘go to’ look in hot weather especially this top with its exaggerated  high neck. I actually got these shorts when I was in Fiji but I think it kind of goes without saying that any variation of denim shorts would work as well. The black heals go with the snapback and keeps the outfit looking stylish and sharp.

Snapback: New Era 

Top: American Apparel 

Shorts (Similar): Misguided

Shoes: Asos


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