Burberry Girl

20160311_EMMA-ONE_0076_BLOG.jpg20160311_EMMA-ONE_0007_BLOG.jpg   20160311_EMMA-ONE_0026_BLOG20160311_EMMA-ONE_0057_BLOG20160311_EMMA-ONE_0084_BLOG20160311_EMMA-ONE_0103_BLOGWhats  the fastest way to feeling like you are part of the Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss‘crew’? Well for me it is to get wrapped up into one of these stylish trench coats. There is something timeless about a trench coat as it references so many ages of British fashion and in this one I feel classy and sophisticated.  O.k. it’s not going to be the cheapest item in the wardrobe but with so many fashions coming and going like the seasons this classic will always be a good investment. Here I have paired the coat with some slightly darker cream heals and Bvlgari gold detailing sunglasses, giving a super ‘chic’ look…….. if I do say so myself!

Coat: Burberry

Sunglasses (Similar): Bvlgari 

Shoes:  Jeffery Campbell 


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