Calvin Klein for a day

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‘Calvin Klein’ has come along way since its humble beginnings as a New York coat manufacturer in 1968. Nowadays the brand is all pervasive and very much part of the ‘fashion high street’. It’s not a brand particularly high on my wish list and yet it does come with all the right connotations. Never more than since the lovely Justin Beiber and Kendal Jenner both  known for their look and style have been used to be at the fore front of the current advertising campaign. As for the shorts, well who doesn’t like a good pair of Levis right? These High waisted version are always a winner in adding a bit of length to your legs and the little white shoe boots also help out in that department. The boots are actually the same design as the grey plastic boots of a few posts back and have a sort of ‘Barbie’ feel about them.  Overall I love this look with it’s chilled, fashion-forward, summers day vibe!

Top: Calvin Klein

Shorts: Levis 

Shoes: Public Desire 

Sunglasses (Similar): Asos 


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