Different shades of grey

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Normally when I sit down to write about an outfit my mind goes from the top and just works its way down but in this case I want to go straight in and start talking about  plastic shoes! When new trends come along there is always something of the unknown and my initial reaction can often be ‘You’ve got to be kidding I wouldn’t be seen dead in that’. However as time goes by the possibility of consideration creeps in and before you know it  I’ve bought one in every colour and posting it all over Instagram !  Well, this is kind of what happened to me with these shoes. If you had asked me a couple months ago if plastic shoes were my thing I would have laughed, yet now I love them and glad that I have found myself the beneficiary of change. Jumping back up to the top of the outfit, this suede grey jacket goes really well with the shoes and with it’s light colour and light material perfect for this time of year. Finally, how easy are blouses to wear? Normally they are also a safety option but this one with it’s low neck line and choker top is quite unusual, although surprisingly comfortable to wear. I really love it when an outfit ‘comes together’ and this one definitely has thanks to these different shades of grey.

Top: Misguided

Jeans (similar):Misguided



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