Hippy Chick, City Girl

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As you guys may have gathered by now my natural dress sense is urban but here I have chosen a more ‘hippy’ look. Having said that I guess there are degrees of ‘Hippy’ and as you can see I’m not dressed with multi colours and peace signs! However, there is something of a bohemian vibe about this free flowing top which is so delicate and yet with it’s long sleeves  can keep you warm on cool summer evenings. I’ve matched it with a plain denim skirt which I wouldn’t normally instinctively do but I love that this one is high waisted and the buttons and slit make it that bit more interesting. The heels of course match the top and are what turns the look from being a little less ‘hippy’ to a little more ‘city’.

Top: Misguided

Skirt: Zara

Shoes: Zara


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