Dressed for a summers evening

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In my last few posts I’ve been trying to gently introduce the idea of a summer wardrobe by adding a bit more colour, getting my legs out and of course wearing sunglasses but now I am excited to reveal my first proper summer’s outfit. Obviously I am biased as I choose the clothing but come on how cute is this dress? It reminds me of a Chloe dress especially the floral print which I think makes it perfect for a summers evening….. and how cool is it that I can now say – summers evening! I love this dress but do think it needs a bit of accessorising to bring it to its full potential and thats where the shoes come in. These shoes are  new to me and I am not going to lie to you, they really hurt your feet, like a lot! However, me being me I decided the beauty was worth the pain. I have the upmost respect for girls that can wear these on a night out but I will definitely only be wearing them from the taxi to the restaurant. Finally, I finished this look with black sunglasses to match the shoes and the black lines in the dress which just seems to bring the whole look together nicely.

Dress: Misguided

Sunglasses: Misguided

Heels: Christian Louboutin


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