Who needs the sun?!

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 I’ve been doing this blog for nearly four months now, and despite living in London my photo shoots have  always got lucky with the weather. However my luck finally ran out and this time round I did indeed get a little wet! You might know of my love for a good cup of English tea so it didn’t bother me having a little chilled time indoors but if you think I am looking a little cold wet and dare I say it grumpy then thats probably what was going on!

 Moving on to more important things – the outfit! So here I am again in another black dress, isn’t it funny how these keep popping up?!  Despite going full steam ahead with my summer wardrobe I decided to take a step back and add a darker tone maybe to match all the rain we’ve been having recently. As far as black dresses go I love this one – the shape is mega cute and the cut out section makes it a perfect summer dress, despite it being black. It’s a really pretty and easy dress to wear and the fabric, shape and colour all help to make it figure flattering. Not only that but this dress is what I would call a safe option and we all need  safe options in our wardrobes. I also like that the cut out details in the dress match the cut out details in the shoes and the black sunglasses. This look would be great for a night out (minus the sunglasses) or could even be worn in the day with sandals.

Sunglasses: Celine

Dress: TFNC

Heels: Asos


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