Festival Chic

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Festival season has arrived!  It may not be quite in full swing but it has begun and in this look I am dressed up for the occasion! At festivals you get to see all sorts of weird and wonderful people and pretty much anything goes, but here I have decided to go really simple yet ‘festival chic’.

 This top is so cute and flattering and the crop part of it a gives it a festival vibe. I guess festivals, especially if the sun is out, are a place where its ok to get your tummy out (I mean whats the point of a gym membership otherwise?!) However with it being a low cut top I didn’t want to be too exposed so I have paired it here with some high waisted shorts.  You guys have seen these trainers before and I have already expressed my absolute love for them so it maybe worth taking along something older and not so precious as festivals have an ability to pretty much destroy footwear! Individually all these items are quite plain and neutral but I think they come together well to make an eye catching and appropriate summer’s day festival outfit.

Top: Asos

Shorts: Asos

Trainers: Nike


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