London days in June

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So, living in London – one minute it’s sunny and the next it’s raining, even the weather app gets it wrong and it all makes it really hard to plan an outfit for the day. It’s happened before that in the morning I am happy in a tee shirt and then come lunch time I am taking detours to avoid the wind and rain . The outfit I am wearing here I think is perfect for London days in June when the sun is not yet reliable but we want to look cute and summery.

Black is traditionally a winter colour but here paired with this cream waistcoat it gets broken down and the look transitions into a more summery feel. Furthermore I have found a waistcoat combined with a long sleeved top is perfect for keeping out the cold but not over heating you as a long or thick jacket might. (I mean we’ve all had those times when we though we were being clever wearing our winter coat and then massively over heating on the tube!)

I think I am partly wearing these heels because the novelty of them hasn’t worn off yet and this outfit would certainly look good worn in the evening. Minus the heels it would work well for any kind of day to day look. Perfect when you don’t want to wear the same shorts or jeans and fancy mixing it up a little.

Top: Missguided

Waistcoat: Missguided


Shoes:Christian Louboutin

Sunglasses: Missguided


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