Sums up my style

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So, I feel like this outfit sums up my style and everything I love in fashion at the moment. There’s the camo, a bomber and some high waisted jeans which has my name written all over them. But let’s start with the tee – I didn’t hesitate at all when adding this to the cart, it’s one of those tops which despite being relatively simple in design still looks unique and different to other camo tees. I particularly like the material they have used, the shape the length and of course the pattern.

As for the bomber -I know I own a few (make that quite a few) of these by now but when they aren’t too expensive I shouldn’t feel guilty buying another right? This one isn’t my cheapest bomber but I would go as far as saying that it is my favourite and so versatile with the mint being such a neutral colour.  Also I know this jacket is going to hold its shape really well and I will be able to wear it all though summer and into Autumn as well, so really I am just being a sensible shopper!

I wanted to use heels which matched the lighter colour of the top. Overall am really pleased with how I styled this look and think it would  work well for most occasions- day or evening.

Top: Topshop

Jeans: Topshop

Bomber Jacket: Topshop

Shoes: Quiz clothing 

Bag: Coming soon to Modalu 



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