Black tie event

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This dress is absolutely stunning. However as you’ll discover if you click the link below – stunningly expensive! Despite having a love for expensive jewellery and Hand bags I’ve never invested in or even worn a dress that’s over £1000 before, however when Aloura’ offered me the chance to show it on my blog how could I possibly decline?!  I would have loved to have blogged one of ‘Aloura’s’ floor length dresses but somehow that felt impractical and rather out of place for the busy streets of London. The beads and details on this dress are so beautiful but for now I am more than happy to stick to my little less fancy high street dresses. Do look at ‘Aloura’s’ website though as there are some truly lovely dresses on there.
I’ve paired the dress with some equally classy heels and I think it goes without saying that this is something I would wear for ‘posh’ evening occasions and black tie events.

Dress: Aloura

Heels: Christian Louboutin


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