Trying out a green number

I have spoken about my love for colour a few times on this blog and you may have noticed that normally blue is my ‘go to’ colour, but here I am trying out a green number! I originally had this top down as a potential festival option but it also works really well dressed up with long trousers and heels. So, firstly, the top – I love all things backless and I think the tie-around high neck makes it so pretty and unique. It is also such a soft material to wear and not too expensive, I highly recommend it. However if you are going to wear this top, or any like it, make sure you invest in some ‘fashion tape’ (also known as ‘tit tape’ to you and I). There isn’t much to this top and we don’t want any disasters! You definitely won’t enjoy wearing this if you are constantly adjusting and checking yourself.

White trousers are great for summer, you can wear them with anything and everything. These trousers look great and also feel comfortable to wear which is the kind of clothing I love.

Moving on to my favourite part of the look, the heels. I used to be such a shoe snob and only think expensive heels could be comfortable or worth wearing on long nights out but recently I have discovered that cheaper shoes can also do the job. These shoes for instance, were not too expensive  and yet were so comfortable to wear. Snake skin always looks nice on a shoe, and I especially loved the  mixture of whites and greens. Overall I love this look and think its so elegant, making it perfect for evening occasions or on holiday when you want to dress up but not overheat and still feel comfortable.

Top: Pretty little things

Trousers: Pretty little things

Shoes: Missguided 


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