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After last time putting together a look that featured a metallic theme I decided it was time to go back to dressing up in something a little more pretty and delicate as at heart I am always a ‘girly girl’. When it comes to summer and dresses lace and white often seem to catch my eye and as a result rather dominate my wardrobe.
So what made me choose this little white number over all the other white dresses out there? Well I especially loved the top rim of this dress. I had seen other people out and about wearing dresses featuring these mesh parts and thought it looked sort of interesting, so was glad when I found this dress and could give it a go myself. I have mentioned this before but I am a big fan of skater skirts and always feel comfortable wearing them and if there is something I would like to pass on in this blog it is the importance of really feeling comfortable in whatever your choice of clothing.

I paired the dress with some neutral cute shoes and think the curls in my hair are another great accessory for the look (not that I often have my hair straight) but the curls go with the ‘princess’ look of the pretty dress. In summary, I would wear this look at any family party or an occasion I wanted to make a good impression in a kinda old school way.

Dress: Girl in mind 

Shoes: Public Desire 


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