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So, as much as I love trying out new styles, trends, patterns and colours I am also a fan of bringing back and repeating looks that have worked well in the past. Here’s a good example – this ‘Camo’ jacket. ‘Camo’ is one of those prints that is not for everyone but always keeps me coming back for more and I’ve got to say has been pretty massive this summer. If I am honest I already have a similar ‘Camo’ jacket to this one but one more never hurt anyone and I love this one for its extra length and it’s snug fit. All of which
makes it relevant and something of a necessity!

The great thing about wearing ‘Camo’ jackets is that the print is so eye catching that you can just relax about the rest of the outfit. Thats exactly what I have done with this standard black top and denim shorts combo. Also, I know I don’t normally comment on the way I have done my hair or make up in my blog posts but I think it’s fair to make the point that this hair style really matches the camo print and ‘street style’ vibe of the look. If your going to give camo a go or already have some in your wardrobe I would highly recommend wearing a top knot in your hair to go with it.

This is such a classic day time look, but of course I wouldn’t recommend wearing heels all day – well, I definitely couldn’t do it myself!

Jacket: Missguided

Top: Missguided

Shorts: Missguided 


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