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IMG_1114IMG_1108IMG_1133 copyIMG_1135 copyIMG_1199IMG_1149 copyOne of my favourite aspects of blogging is location finding and in keeping with my blog title making them as London iconic as I can. For this look I tried out New Bond street and with it being a Sunday morning made full use of the whole street which is something I definitely wouldn’t have had the luxury of doing at any other time. I hope I’ve also made use of the natural lighting from that day as I’ve really got into photos with shadows recently.

So as to the outfit – quiet a lot of rips and gaps going on in the top, jeans and even the shoes- all so obviously on trend at the moment. I think the rose colour top is great, it’s such an inoffensive and pretty pink and definitely one of my favourite pinks to wear. As for the jeans it was my first time I had come across a two tone jean like this and I thought they were really unusual and different. Being a lover of new styles I had to give them a go and ended up loving wearing them – such a flattering fit too. Finally, I paired this outfit with a summer handle type heel to keep the look fresh and light for the summer.

This is defiantly an evening look for a dinner or night out but looking to the future I would bring a bomber jacket along as well for when the weather dropped.

Top: Missguided

Jeans: Missguided

Heels: Public DesireĀ 



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