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When it comes to making fashion decisions on what we buy and what we wear it’s easy to just go into automatic and use instinct to tell us ‘what looks nice’. Don’t get me wrong that’s often a great way to do it but recently I’ve been making choices slightly differently and considering what aspects of fashion really inspire me. An example is ‘Chanel’ probably the fashion brand I look up to most and I know I am certainly not the only one. It’s almost impossible not to be seduced by it’s sense of sophistication and class. This skirt has a sort of Chanel vibe with it’s beautiful texture and cute front pockets and I absolutely loved wearing it. It is one of the few items of clothing I have worn recently which I can see myself wearing later in the year maybe even as a cute christmas time look. As for the top and shoes I just wanted to keep things really simple and classic so went for solid black – the other typical Chanel colour (if you can call black and white colours).

It felt really classy wearing this outfit and I think it would be perfect for meetings, tea meet ups or a day out ‘posh’ shopping in town.

Top: Pretty little thing

Skirt: Brand attic

Shoes: Christian Louboutin 


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