Breaking the habit


This last week I’ve been spending a lot of time in heels so I can’t tell you how fun it was to shoot some outfit posts in trainers! Trainers are so much easier to wear and I had been wanting some Adidas ones like this for a while.

But anyhow, let me first talk you through the outfit, starting with my favourite part – the jacket! I was actually shopping on Asos when I saw this Boohoo jacket which I just thought  was so cool and made a change to my usual ‘bomber’ addiction. I had given up on Boohoo after a bad experience I had some time ago but  this time round I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the jaket and I am glad I took the leap to go back to trusting Boohoo again.

As for this top – I felt here like trying something a little sportier to match the trainers. I certainly wouldn’t describe myself as being that into fitness per say but Nike are one of those brands that has cleverly marketed themselves as being fashion forward as well as sporty and I think this top looks great as part of what is essentially an urban look. Finally, I matched everything with my favourite Levis shorts as the weather was way too sunny to wear anything heavier (not that I was complaining). Overall this is a great casual, easy to throw on daytime look.

Jacket: Boohoo

Top: Nike 

Shorts (similar): Levis 

Trainers (Similar): Adidas 

Bag: Givenchy 


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