Oversized hoodie


So oversized hoodies are probably one of my favourite things to wear ever, so how great when they are fashionable and you get to walk around in the comfort they provide all day long. I love most oversized t-shirts and hoodies but the quirkiness of this pink one particularly caught my eye. The string effect at the front is brilliant – it looks like street art on a jumper and totally ¬†different to anything else I have owned. I am also in love with the colour, as for me you really can’t go wrong with baby pink.

I actually think an over sized jumper and trainers make a great look on their own but here I have also worn some denim shorts, just to break the look up and make it a bit more accessible as a day to day outfit.

Hoodie: Asos

Shoes (similar): Adidas 

Shorts: LEVIS



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