Turning 25


So last week I turned 25- which means I am officially in my mid twenties and I think this means I am now an adult? This is the first birthday I’ve had where I have reflected on my life and the things I’ve achieved, which is something I have never naturally done in the past. So what have I learnt by the age of 25? Do I feel things are different now I am slightly older? The answer to that is ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Growing up, I looked at a 25 year old as a completely different thing to me, a person I couldn’t even try and relate to, someone who is living in a completely different world. The next thing I know, I am that person and the realisation is that we never have this eureka moment in our lives where we transition from being young, to being a grown up.

So what’s different now I am older? Surely it’s not all the same? Absolutely not. There is so much perceived pressure growing up and the beauty of getting older,is,that goes away. As much as I joke about how growing older is terrible, I know how much happier I am in myself and surely happiness is the main thing here. I know a lot of you following my blog are younger than me and I am sure there is a thing or two you’re not completely happy with, but trust me that as time goes by you really will realise how none of it mattered and the most important thing to focus on is you. One of my biggest achievements at 25 is starting a blog, a place where I can showcase my style, be creative and follow my dreams. I am not suggesting you start a fashion blog if that has no relevance to your goals in life, but I would suggest you focus on what it is you really want and chase after that -however long it takes – and regardless of what you think it may look like to other people.

Due to the long message about turning 25, I am going to keep my outfit description short and sweet. I wanted to wear something really fun in this post and these jeans fitted the bill perfectly. A great daytime look and one I’m sure will put a smile on peoples faces!

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Top: New LookĀ 

Trousers: MissguidedĀ 

Trainers: ADIDAS


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