I can’t escape – its autumn

img_3858img_3875img_3957img_3969img_3995img_4008September often throws up interesting fashion challenges for me – my mind doesn’t want to admit that summer and summer clothes are on the way out and yet I can’t avoid the fact that the air is a little colder and the sun(what little there is of it) less powerful. I’d love to be still wearing dresses but at the same time something tells me it’s time to move on. No offence to anyone still in shorts and flip flops but it could be a bit foolish to be rocking a July outfit at this time of the year.

So the look I have created here is a perfect amount of a ‘still a summer vibe’ and ‘I know its autumn’ look. I am really in love with his Topshop denim jacket. I think all things over sized are so easy and comfortable to wear and yet stylish at the same time. With the weather changing over sized jackets are also functional as you can layer outfits up with jumpers or whatever and then just put the jacket on top. Despite having a bomber in every second blog post I am a massive fan of denim jackets too. They can help create a streetwise edgy feel and sometimes that suits me perfectly.

I wore this jacket with a little black casual dress and denim shorts but it’s one of those jackets that can go with just about anything and everything. A chilled autumn look and I know I am going to be wearing this jacket loads.

Jacket: AsosĀ 

Dress: Asos

Shoes: Public DesireĀ 


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  1. 8th October 2016 / 12:59 pm

    lovely post, your outfit is fab,I love how simple and nice at the same time it’s xxo


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