It’s only Rock and Roll but I like it

20161122_EMMA_0162_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0142_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0115_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0143_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0170_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0190_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0201_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0217_BLOGHow great is it that we can play around with fashion and dress according to our moods and tastes according to the day, and today I felt like mixing it up a little with a bit of a  ‘rock and roll’ vibe. I wear far too much make up and fake tan to ever be a true ‘rock  chick’ but I like to put my own take on things – the ‘Emma’ way!

So my favourite part of this look has to be the skirt – I just think its so cool and fun, it reminds me of ‘Clueless’ for any 90’s babies out there (anybody who doesn’t know ‘Clueless’ google it). I have previously mentioned my soft spot for mini skirts and despite it being winter and freezing I am delighted to be rocking this one. The detailing is so on point and I love the combination of the studs and check pattern. Of course this is more of an indoor skirt for this time of year but I can already see myself wearing it with roll neck sweaters and cosy jumpers to parties.

These shoes! Something of a statement piece – higher than any other shoes I own but sometimes we just want to feel extra tall right? Super comfortable to wear despite being so high and although I am definitely not going  to be wearing these all the time they are fun for the every now and then. Finally, I thought I would tone down the ‘rock chick’ look with this oversized camel coat just to add a bit more colour to the outfit and the contrast between the two really helps the look to stand out.

Coat: Pretty Lavish 

Top (similar): Zara  or Zara 

Skirt (Similar): Zara 

I am sorry guys, January sales have meant a lot of this look has already sold out but I hope you can still take some sort of inspiration from it. 20161122_EMMA_0115_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0142_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0143_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0162_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0170_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0190_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0201_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0217_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0115_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0142_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0143_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0162_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0170_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0190_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0201_BLOG20161122_EMMA_0217_BLOG




  1. 9th January 2017 / 11:56 pm

    Amazing look! I love your coat!! Also, the skirt looks so edgy! I love it. 🙂

  2. 10th January 2017 / 9:40 pm

    Your outfit is so adorable! <3 Love the pictures.
    Please check out my blog too. That are absolutely stunning photos!

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