My experience with Detox

This is my experience and some observations around my 14 day intense detox, something that has occupied my thinking for all of 2017 so far. I guess it seemed only right that I shared it with you guys especially if you have been following my instagram stories. It may help to explain some of the photos that include a strange looking green slush like drink that has crept into some recent posts!

However first a Disclaimer! I am not a nutritionist and if you want a step by step guide to loosing weight or how to find a detox that best suits you there will be more informed places to look than here.
Some benefits from the detox ?
-To flush out any excess toxins
-Boosted energy levels
-Improved Skin
So what did my detox Entail?
My detox was specifically constructed over a two week period to contain no alcohol (obviously), caffeine, dairy, gluten (wheat), sugar and red meat. Instead I faced a daily regime of special recipes containing vegetables, fruit, pulses and brown rice together with plenty of supplements that came in the biggest boxes you’ve ever seen. The detox specifically started on the 14th Jan but I chose to have the first two weeks of January coffee and alcohol free anyway, a sort of warm up, to ease my body into what was to come. However it was all relatively easy and straight forward to follow although day 9, 10 and 11 did become more challenging as for those days no solid food was allowed at all. Throughout it all I always felt safe and in good hands as it was all scientifically designed to include all the vitamins, nutrients and energy that I needed.
Why I did it?
I wanted to see first of all if I could actually do it, like could I really change my diet that radically and not eat solid food for three days? Did I have as much willpower as I had liked to imagine I had? From a health and lifestyle point of view I had no problem with the month off from alcohol. For many Januarys my friends and I have vowed to complete a dry January and so often it’s only a few days in when something sort of pops up and we are like ‘yeahh lets just all break it together’. I wanted to stick to it for once and feel good about the fact that I had. Furthermore, I wanted to clear my skin – towards the end of last year my skin kept breaking out. I know this could be for many different reasons (and living in layers of make up is one) but I wanted to see if detoxifying my body could help in this respect and make a real difference. Some people I know detox to loose weight but that was never my intention, for me it was all about how it potentially could improve my well being and health.
How did I feel during detox?
So for the first few days I’ve got to say I was missing the odd bit of sugar. At times in the day when I would normally have had a biscuit I would find myself overthinking about it and the lack of it. After a work out I would want to reward myself with something but all the reward I could give myself were dry crackers. However it wasn’t too bad – manageable shall we say. The hardest part for me was the three days with no solid food, I didn’t like the supplement drinks that were given instead, I just wanted ‘normal’ food.There is a method to the madness however, the no solids is to give your digestive system a break and weirdly enough I did feel the inside of my body feel a lot more relaxed during those particular days. I didn’t actually even feel hungry although I did notice an impact on my mood. I was often a bit grumpy, maybe just a bit frustrated at the fact I couldn’t eat what I wanted. Probably more phycological, rather than physical. It goes without saying that because this was a planned and structured detox it was a healthy and safe way of doing things.
What did I learn from it?
Well I’ve made the decision to never drink coffee again. If you follow me on instagram you will know that I used to love a good coffee but after cutting it out for a month I can honestly say I do feel much less anxious and quite frankly I now get just as exited ordering a decaf or a herbal tea instead. I never thought the day would come when I gave up coffee but here it is.Cutting out dairy and wheat also made me feel better – previously certain meals could leave me feeling uncomfortable, I almost excepted the fact that I would feel bloated.Now I’ve come to think that I don’t have to accept that, why should I? I can and plan to take more control of what I eat. For example going forward I am no longer going to be eating wheat, bye bye wheat it was nice knowing you! Sugar has made the cut but I’ve come to realise that I’m not a massive meat fan, I don’t want to cut it out forever but once or twice a week is plenty. My skin has cleared up massively and I am feeling better and looking healthier. I learnt that I did have the will power to do it and the wisdom to make changes in my life that work for me.
Did you loose weight?
I did loose weight but as I’ve previously mentioned that was not my goal and not something I was interested in particularly.
Do I recommend it?
Yes I recommend going on a detox. It’s a great way to give your body a break and even if you only take one or two things from it that’s one or two things which could benefit the rest of your life. There are lots of different kinds of detox programs so make sure you do some research and choose one that suits your lifestyle best.
My mum is trained in this field so I had her guidance which was invaluable but if you’re inspired you can check out my detox online here: 14 Day NutriClean .
If you decide to give it a go let me know how you get on and good luck.


  1. Siffat
    4th February 2017 / 9:25 am

    I personally love to detox, I did one similar to yours for 21 days, and I felt amazing after!

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