Leaving London (but only for a month)

Hi everyone, if you follow my Instagram stories you might have picked up on a certain sense of excitement! I am off to spend some time in Sri Lanka and then Bali. I am really buzzing and I can’t wait to get out there and discover these beautiful parts of the world and after this long old winter again feel the sun on my back. This trip all came about a few week end’s ago when my cousin came to stay and was telling me about her plans to launch an underwear line and how she was going to Sri Lanka to check out material suppliers and visit factories. I remember thinking ‘wow that sounds cool’ and then she very casually asked if I would ever consider joining her and blog from another country? I’ve got to say it wasn’t something I had ever thought of before but later that night I thought why not and before I knew it and before I had too much time to consider why not, we had gone online and booked the whole trip.

I went to Fiji three years ago for a couple of months to help run an orphanage and had the best time ever. I was a million miles from home, knew no one and yet I experienced such a sense of independence and freedom. I felt I learned more about the world in those two months that I was away than I had in 22 years of education and I fell in love with the excitement of travel. ‘Fiji’ was the first time I had gone on a ‘proper’ travelling trip and since then I always had a need to want to explore the world some more. For me, it doesn’t really matter where I am going, if it is a new or difference experience I want to be there. Since ‘Fiji’ I ‘ve been lucky enough to go on a few other exciting trips but now I am over the moon as this time I get to bring you guys along with me! I know travelling or visiting new countries can be expensive but for me, it is the one thing I am super happy to spend my money on. Travel has the potential to open up your eyes to so many amazing things and so much inspiration.

It’s very easy to say no and find excuses when opportunities come along but right now I am on a sort of mission to say yes if I possibly can. I am at that stage of my life when I’m feeling content. I am happy with the way things are going with my blog and I guess I would say I feel as if I am really gaining a sense of independence. So I’m off to explore and see what’s out there. This trip for me isn’t an opportunity to get drunk and party it up, instead, I am going to discover, get fit, experience some amazing culture, see some wonderful sights and spend some fun and quality time with my lovely cousin.


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