Journey to breakfast

Sri Lanka

Since the first day I arrived in Sri Lanka I’ve pretty much done this journey each morning. After waking up I make a 10-minute walk along the beach to get to the most beautiful (and healthy) breakfast place. I order yoghurt, fruit, granola and tea and it costs about £2.00 which I have come to realise is less than I pay for a coffee at ‘Pret’  back home. Anyway, I thought I would document this little journey to show  just how beautiful it is.

My ‘tee’ says ‘Game over’ because as I guess you know by now I can’t resist a good old statement piece. I’ve also been wearing these shorts a lot on this trip – anthing high waisted is always a winner in my eyes.

Top: Misspap

Shorts: Chi Chi London 

Shoes: Public Desire 



      11th March 2017 / 2:59 pm

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