‘Boho Bingin’ Bali

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Okay, so I have arrived at my favorite place in the world (Bali) and am lucky enough to be staying in the cutest of little boutique resorts; Boho Bingin. Boho‘ has the calmest and most magical vibe from the moment you walk in and it really does feel like stepping into a little hidden away paradise. I am much more a fan of smaller more intimate resorts so this one was perfect for me.

For someone who is trying to live a more healthy lifestyle ‘Boho‘ has made it all so easy with amongst other things super yummy breakfasts (as you can see in the pics). Why does fruit always taste a million times nicer in warmer climates?

I’ve loved my few days here and now excited to move on and explore more of a city style Bali vibe next.


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