Dash Hotel and Seminyak


So here I am – arrived in Seminyak, which is in the more westernized part of Bali and comes with the cutest, most photogenic, instagramable boutiques (separate blog post on that coming soon) together with a million different restaurants to choose from, in other words, my kinda place.

I have been staying in the *Dash hotel* for four nights now and it’s safe to say I’ve never stayed in a place like it before. As soon as you walk into this hotel it’s hard not believe that you have wandered into some exotic modern day board game! Everything from the bedrooms to the breakfast lounge is so funky and it all combines to create a really unique and exciting stay. Carlos (the manager) took time out to greet me on my first night which was a really nice touch and despite it being a large hotel the staff made it feel really personal and intimate.

Seminyak is a part of Bali I would highly recommend anyone in their 20’s to visit. I’ve spent the last few days watching beautiful sunsets, eating yummy healthy meals and dipping in and out of all the cute boutiques, all so different to anything I might come across in London. There is a definite buzz about Seminyak but it’s not been overly touched my tourism yet, which I liked. I am not sure, however, that I’d be able to say the same in 5 years time, so if you have been planning to visit ‘Bali’ and want to check it out I would do it sooner rather than later.

I am now off to the Gili Islands (where I have had a million recommendations to visit) so I am excited to get going and hopefully find some chilled beach time and work on my tan.



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