Kynd community- vegan cafe Bali


I spend a lot of my time on the hunt for cute coffee spots to Instagram when in my hometown of London but this little beauty by far topped anything I have found in the UK before. I loved the bright bold pinks surrounding the cafe and how every single thing on the menu looked so delicious and photogenic.

I had actually originally spotted this cafe on one of my favorite bloggers (@gypsea_lust) profile but I had no idea where it was, so when one day I was driving by in a taxi and spotted it,  I screamed with excitement and made a plan of going back the next day. The pink dress and glasses were not coincidental, I put a lot of thought into this post so everything coordinated! haha.

What made the whole experience that extra bit more special was that all of the ingredients were vegan, so despite looking like I am drinking a 500 calorie drink, it wasn’t unhealthy at all yet still goddam tasty!! A very good afternoon for me 🙂


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