Avia villa on Gili Meno


I have arrived on the Gili Islands which is pretty much as close as it is possible to get to paradise. The water is crystal clear, the sand is so white and the vibe could not be anymore chilled. Despite not really enjoying the very choppy ferry ride over to the Island, I immediately felt serene and relaxed on arrival. 

Compared to the rest of Bali the Gili Islands feel a lot less developed, noticeably because there are not any cars on the Islands and people still use horse and carriage to get around as the main form of transport. As someone who spends a lot of time commuting into central London and running around the busy streets, this certainly feels like a million miles away from what I am used to, which in my book makes for a perfect holiday destination. All the locals seem so happy and I am not at all surprised seeing as they can call this place home. 

The staff at Avia Villa were so welcoming and smiley and our villa was super cute and pretty with its own private pool. It was wonderful to just lay in the sun for a while by the pool and feel like I was completely secluded in my own little heaven.




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