Aleva villa with bunnies


After spending a week traveling around the Gili Islands returning to mainland Bali felt a bit like coming home. As nice as it was tanning and relaxing on these remote islands it was reassuring to come back to some civilization and I was delighted when on my first night I was greeted by this amazing hotel room and most importantly the most amazing bath. Literally, the first thing I did after I had shut the door was soak myself in its lovely hot water, put on a bathrobe, chill and become the most relaxed girl in Bali.

The next morning I woke up to a wonderful breakfast and the sight of the hotel’s own bunnies –  three of the cutest bunnies I have ever seen. The bunnies completely melted my heart and it was SO nice spending time with them, despite one falling in the pool – twice!! Every time I look at the bunny photos it makes me smile as it reminds me of how much fun I had that morning. After my stay here I have formed the view that every hotel should get its own pet bunnies!

Overall, my stay at the Aleva Villas could not have been better. The rooms were fantastic, the bed super cozy and the staff were really accommodating and friendly. I would recommend it to anyone traveling in Bali.

Location:  Aleva villa


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