Jambuluwuk Gili Trawangan

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Staying in a honeymoon suite is something I have never done before (There’s no ring on my finger so I guess why should I?) but I’ve got to say when I was upgraded and given the chance to stay in this villa there was no way I was going to say no. All the villas were pretty amazing anyway but this one was the sort of place that you would expect film stars to be staying at and it had me pinching myself most of the time!

Back in England having a bath after dinner is always something I look forward to so whenever I get to a hotel and see a nice bath I get excited. This one, however, was beyond nice it was really magical. Not only was it absolutely enormous but while in it I could lie back looking at the sky and the beautiful surrounding pan trees.

As for the rest of my stay and experience, I could not have loved it more! The hotel is across from the beach that has the whitest of sand and the bluest of water, it was like setting foot in paradise every time I walked out along the seafront. I wish I had been able to stay here longer but for me, it’s onto Gili Air Island for the next of my travels.

Hotel: Jambuluwuk


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