Canang Sari Villas


One of the things I’ve loved most about my time in Bali is how all the places I have stayed in and visited have all been very different from each other. One day it has been beach living, then I have found myself sleeping in a tree house and now here I am in the more mountainous part of this beautiful country.

The view from this villa was absolutely incredible, it felt like it looked over the whole of Bali, you could even see the airplanes taking off from the distant airport – so far away that you could not hear their sound.  It’s really hard to showcase a good view with a camera ( or is it a case of ‘bad a workman…..’) but trust me looking out onto this view was an amazing experience and I got lucky enough to do it for 3 days. The Villa itself was massive and I really liked the old-fashioned, traditional vibe to it – there was definitely a lot of soul to this place.

I actually didn’t leave the Villa from the moment I arrived and it was really nice to have some secluded down time in what was a really private and what felt like a remote location. The reality, however, was that it was actually only a short distance from shops and restaurants but the amazing open view gave the illusion that there would be no one else for miles around. I was sad to leave and could easily have stayed longer.

Location: Canang Sari Villas



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