Hotel TUGU and JI restaurant

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I have now arrived in Changu as part of my tour of Bali. It’s exciting as I hadn’t been to this part of the island before. Straightaway the first thing you notice is how busy and lively it seems, all the bars appeared packed, which I gathered from walking past them (as opposed to actually checking them out myself). 

I have been lucky enough to stay in a lot of nice hotels since being in Bali but this was my favorite room and place I stayed in yet. They say you know as soon as you walk into a hotel room if you are going to like it and this one felt for me like it was home.

On arrival, I was personally greeted by the lovely smiling staff and on the bed was a cute welcoming note, all part of many small touches that made me feel special and that go along way in my book. I loved the old-fashioned traditional feel to the place and it was fun to stay in this 5-star version of a treehouse. If you know me at all by now you will know how much I appreciate luxury baths and I fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it – of course, it was the first thing I indulged in when I arrived. 

The food in this hotel was also super amazing. On my first night, we went to watch the traditional cultural show which included really yummy food served while watching Balinese style dance and music. It was definitely worth the experience and made a nice change from the standard evenings out I had been having. My photos might give an idea of the style of performance but it was more the feel of the whole evening that left such an impression on me and helped give an insight into the local culture. The next day in the hotel’s restaurant Ji I had some of the best sushi I have ever had. I am a sucker for anything visually pleasing or interesting when it comes to food or drink and I loved that my cocktail smoked up on arrival. If you ever get the chance to visit Bali I couldn’t recommend this restaurant more for its fantastic food and cocktails.

Overall I loved my couple of nights at Tugu. It was super fun staying in a luxury treehouse and the room, food and overall experience was a definite 10/10.

Location: Hotel TUGU and JI restaurant



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