Ametis villa- Canggu

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The saying goes ‘saving the best till last’: and It sure did apply for my trip to Bali – the ‘best’ being the fabulous Ametis villa,

Located in the hip/boutique coastal area of Canggu, near Seminyak, Unimposing from the outside, as soon as I arrived, it was immediately obvious to me that this was not your average Balinese hotel. 

Arriving at the car park we were welcomed by a small, kind Indonesian man who accompanied us to the reception. Rather than a typical room set up you would normally find in most 5-star hotels, the retreat offers a collection of exclusive villa compounds designed with the highest standards of luxury and quality. 


First up, we are assigned a butler who is at our service 24/7. His name is Gede and he greets us with a big smile. Speaking fluent English, he guides us through the property’s grounds, decorated with scented tropical flowers and surrounded by bamboo trees. 

Every 10 meters or so we spy the big, engraved mahogany wooden doors, giving us a hint of what the luxurious villas might offer behind. 

After the suspense of wondering which of these imposing doors could be ours Gede escorts us to our own private paradise and the large engraved dark mahogany door to our own exclusive sanctuary swings open. As we walk down a little stepping stone walkway the villa slowly starts to emerge, butterflies are buzzing around my stomach as my excitement grows and then wow! at least six meters high, a structural masterpiece appears, this place really does have the WOW factorthe lines and angles of the villa are just incredible the huge ceilings and open airiness of the whole place impress upon you a feeling of exquisite taste and class, with a huge veranda and a super sleek overflowing pool, connecting the two structures together, in the main structure, the first one your eye is drawn to, you see a spacious open plan modern kitchen and a lounge equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system and TV. Dark woodmeet polished marble in the suave interiors, which feel like one of those house shoots that you’d usually only see in design magazinesor some grand designs type TV program, right in front of the kitchen and living area is a Large glistening overflowing pool connecting the two structures furnished with a sleek wave shaped lounger. on the other end of the designer pool check out the chic master bedroom that’s the ultimate in indulgence; large floor-to-ceiling windows, and a marble bathroom fit for a queen equipped with a big oval bath overlooking the pool, where at night you can look out at the stars while indulging in a flower petal bath. It feels bizarre to be here. It’s just too idyllic!

When visit nice hotels and restaurants, I’m often really impressed by the interior, but do always manage to find something that would have done differently,  maybe its the plug sockets, maybe its the bedding or even a missing Aux cable for the sound system, just little things that make your stay that bit more comfortable and enjoyable, maybe its just because I am English but I do notice these things, Well, not at the Ametis. I did try to find something once I realized there was literally nothing I would have done differently, but design-wise it’s flawless. Every single little detail is just perfect and so well implemented. Ametis Villa is the kind of place that you don’t want to leave.… Ever! Even while I sit here writing this I am dreaming I was back there! 

Bali has so much to see, from culture to nature, but for us being there meant an escape from everyday life, The Ametis villa truely provided this escape, the service is as generous as the wide array of food on offer. Gede (our butler) would deliver me breakfast each morning, would wake to a beautifully laid out banquet, with everything one could ask for, I even received my favorite daily London newspaper with my name on it every morning. I have to say Gede was absolutely amazing, he arranged everything, he drove us to and from various locations whenever needed, he even drove us the 1.5 hour journey to the airport and would wait for us in the car while we had lunch at the various health conscious chic eateries that have popped up all over the surrounding area, Gede even assisted with a phone call to an Indonesian airline with an operator I couldn’t understand, Gede was the cherry on the cake for the Ametis, 

To sum it all up Ametis Villa is a private paradise for those who appreciate design and a particular lifestyle. It delivers absolute divine comfort, but in a way that you don’t feel like you’re at home, more that you’re experiencing a lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Staying at the Ametis feels like you’ve sold your start up for a few hundred million and you’ve retried at 26! If you want to experience something truly unforgettable then Ametis villa is where to head when visiting bali and Canggu! 

Location: Ametis villa


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