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So who doesn’t love a spa day? Well, what about a spa day in the jungle?! I felt very fortunate as I got to spend an afternoon in this beautiful place and left feeling like a Zen master! 

On arrival, I was given a deliciously refreshing juice and then got to choose the various oils and their smells that would be used for my massage. I went for a lovely soothing lavender. After chatting for a bit with the manager who took me through the details of my treatments a masseuse took me to an individual treehouse overlooking the jungle where I put on a robe and started a foot massage/ scrub.  I immediately felt very relaxed. When the foot massage ended I then had an hour long massage which was nothing short of amazing. What made it really special was that there was no Spa music so I was left with just the sound of the birds in the trees. I remember lying there thinking ‘It would be impossible to feel more relaxed right now’. Massage over I jumped straight into the rose petal hot tub and enjoyed some ginger tea and biscuits while Soaking up the incredible view.

It was a wonderful experience from start to finish and if you ever get the chance to go to Bali or any tropical country I would seriously look into treating yourself to a spa day in a place like this one – or better yet – this one!

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