ON2A6346-211110If you like my eye make up in this photo, I am wearing xlash and urbandecay on my eyes. I am rather impressed with this eye make-up look if I do say so myself! 1214ON2A8154-2My little my walit bag also came everywhere with me around town and I find these sort of rucksacks so handy when I am traveling abroad – it is a great size for me to shove my camera and essentials in without having to feel like I am lugging something heavy around all day. 10 (1)12 (1)As for what I wore – I was really excited to dress all wintery and cozy for a change and the majority of my knitwear was from Primark as was my brown coat. They worked a treat in the colder climate and as my items were all recently bought they should still be in the Primark stores if you like them. 16

I was lucky enough last week to travel to Poland and explore the beautiful and magical city of Krakow. I love traveling to discover and here the parks, the streets, the buildings and history of Krakow was all so exciting and different to home. I am very grateful to the blogger programme for taking me away and giving me the chance to immerse myself in this different culture and way of life.

I started my trip with wizzairlines who I had never flown with before but with whom I had a very pleasant and easy journey. For anyone looking for some very good value for money flights, check out the Wizz website. krakow excursions then picked me up from the airport and took me straight to the hotel- it felt like a very luxurious ride indeed.

As for the accommodation, I was lucky enough to stay in the extremely elegant Sheraton Grand Hotel. Up there with almost the best thing about the hotel was how cozy the bed was! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you will know how much I love a good bed and this was the dreamiest of beds EVER. If you have followed my stories you will remember me getting into my figleaves pajama set and feeling as cozy as cosy can get. The breakfast and dinner at this hotel were also super delicious and the staff went above and beyond to impress and please. I hope to stay at another Sheraton hotel on my adventures next year.

As for my day to day activities and exploring the city it was a dream to have tell me travels showing me around and showing me the way. After just getting back from traveling in Indonesia on a kind of a whim, it was great to have a guide to take you everywhere and give a little insight into the city and the best spots to hit up. (FYI shots in Poland are only 80p!)



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