The Grosvenor Hotel

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Having just got back from exploring east London my eyes turned to the west and the chance of a mum and daughter shopping away day into town. Only a short train ride from my home is the super de-luxe Grosvenor hotel in Victoria. Here we dropped off our bags before walking just 10 minutes to the shopping heaven that is King’s road. (If you are not from London –  King’s road is where style and fashion have always been in fashion)

After shopping and dinner we jumped on the tube back to the hotel (which was only one stop) and only 5 minutes later had the luxury of being able to put our feet up and relax after the exertions of a days shopping. However, If you are wanting to also explore central LondonThe Grosvenor Hotel  is in a perfect location for all of the well-known locations.

As for the rooms: – I stayed in a Premium one and oh my gosh the ceilings were crazily high and it definitely did have a feeling of opulence and luxury to it. The bed was super cozy and after a long day of walking around, I’m afraid I just passed out! Breakfast the next morning was served in a very beautiful, large, ornate room with a princess like chairs. The hotel is just down the road from Buckingham Palace and this and sitting in these wonderful chairs got me feeling princess like myself!. Overall, I loved my stay at The Grosvenor and the chance to stay in such comfort –  right in the center of London.



Location: The Grosvenor Hotel 



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