I’ve recently got back from an amazing time in Dorset with the blogger programme and the chance to hang out with the bloggers and YouTubers they represent (which I would describe as my blogging family). As a blogger, I end up spending a lot of my time on my own, so it’s always fun and interesting to be around people who do the same thing as you do and get the chance to check out the similarities and differences between us all.

While in Dorset I was treated to a stay in a beautiful country house courtesy of kate and Toms. The house was huge and so elegant and I felt like I was really in a different world. In the evening I could curl up in front of an enormous log fire followed by a supersize bubble bath (my idea of an ideal evening). O way haircare kindly gave me some products on my bed which I used while I was in the bath and woke up with amazingly soft hair (bonus!). Other goodies on my bed included: the happiness planner milk and cookys  and Lolas cupcakes.  

Day two of my trip took me for a countryside walk during which I visited a castle and had an afternoon tea thanks to Lulworth estate. Hopefully some of these  pictures show just how beautiful the scenery is in Dorset.

Overall I had such a fun time away and the fresh air and peacefulness of the countryside is exactly what I needed. For anyone feeling stressed at work or feeling like they need to get away from the speed of city life, it could just be exactly what the doctor ordered.



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