Barcelona take 2


Earlier this month on my way back from Marrakech I had a really lovely stop off in Barcelona for the second time this year.  It was super sunny every day that I was there and I even had a chance to Tan a bit.

While in Barcelona I stayed at the Barcelo Reval hotel which is an arty hotel with very ‘chic’ and architecturally impressive roosm. With its all-glass tubular structure, it’s got 360 degree views of Barcelona with a rooftop cocktail bar and a funky black tiled pool!

The decor is modern with a hint of Spanish flair, I was lucky enough to stay in the suite which was really quite fabulous with its all glass wrap around floor to ceiling windows, the room is stretched around one quarter of the 10th floor, a large bathroom and jacuzzi bath in the centre links the bedroom to the lounge! It was so nice to wake up here each morning and look out over Barcelona!

Some of the little details that I really loved and appreciated about Hotel Barcelo Reval was the push button curtains that I could open and close from my bed and the pillows! They provided me with a little card that has a choice of 5 or so different pillows to suit your comfort preferences, they even offer different types of aromatherapy air purifiers for you to choose from…

The location of Hotel Barcelo Reval is actually very convenient there is some lovely little restaurants around the beautiful El Reval square that the hotel is situated in and the whole area of El Reval is a very hip and trendy place filled with lots of cafes and edgy restaurants if you like art and design this has to be the area for you.

This time in Barcelona I decided to explore the infamous Gaudi designed ‘Park Guel’ which is the result of an eccentric Gaudi who was given free roam of Barcelona when it came to designing its quirky and magnificent buildings, I really enjoyed my walk up through the park and I also discovered an amazing viewing point from ‘Los Bunkers Del Carmel’ a must visit if you are planning a trip to Barcelona, it’s a bit of a trek from El Reval but it’s a lovely walk through the city.

my favorite ‘cute’ cafes spot was “Brunch & Cake” ad i recommend the black salt peanut butter latte and some pancakes.

I don’t know when I’ll be back in Barcelona next but I really recommend it to anyone who loves the beach and the city at the same time, with cheap short flights from London it’s a fantastic 2 or 3 day break from the cold and grey skyline of London!


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