I just got back from a fun time away in Leeds with The blogger program and the other bloggers and YouTuber’s that they manage. I had never been to Leeds before and I was overwhelmed at how lovely and helpful everyone was up there.

During my time in Leeds, I stayed in the most gorgeous mansion, thanks to Kate and Toms. I don’t think I have ever stayed in a house so big and it certainly made for good photos.

On arrival, I found I  had some goodies on my bed, which were of course very exciting to open. I had some super cozy Pajamas from the Figleaves website and some Freeman beauty products too, which I used before bed.

I also got a beautiful bracelet from Annie Haak which I am wearing below.

ON2A6707-2[Jeans and Jumper: PrettyLittlething ]

The goodies didn’t end there, I also got a Tangle Teezer hairbrush, Black canvas make up brushes and Avon lipsticks. I felt very lucky indeed.

During my time in Leeds, I got to check out the Trinity shopping center which I think had every brand imaginable inside, then after a successful day shopping I had some cocktails with the rest of The blogger program family on a rooftop inside the shopping center.

After these cocktails, I had the most amazing dinner at The Foundry which is a definite must if you are looking for a yummy restaurant in Leeds. ON2A6110-2

Finally, before catching the train back to London I stopped by The Escape room which is a fun activity to do if you are with a large group of people and want to get your adrenaline going.


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