New Ted Baker Est.88 Fragrance

The temperatures in London recently have really gone over a cliff  but I for one will not be beaten by the cold. You’ll still see me out and about in the streets of London with my head held high (albeit in a wooly hat) and a spring in my step as if spring itself is just waiting round the corner. 

Last week I received a fantastic new Ted Baker fragrance – Est. ’88 and have been enthusiastically using it every day since. The smell of the perfume is citrus and floral with top notes of mandarin, and petigrain teamed with spicy cardamom. It can’t help but help to bring a smile to my face whenever I wear it. This  perfume has such a very fresh smell to it, such as lush green stems and is so delicate and beautiful and in no way overpowering with its subtle notes of rose, lily and neroli.

Furthermore I’m loving the ethos behind this product, being inspired by and created for a new generation of empowered women. It certainly lets me buy into that sense of being modern feminine and powerful with the undertone of soft woods and amber. Since I have started wearing it I have had friends and even  strangers coming up and asking me what perfume I am wearing. Which I think says it all..

The perfume comes in two different sizes and the 30ml (£30) comes in handy for my nights out as I can just shove it in my smaller bag and I have the 100ml (£50) one on my dressing room table.  For me, this would make the perfect present, especially for Valentine’s Day. The wonderful smells of this fragrance combined with its super cute packaging (matte soft touch pink bottle, finished with a rose gold.

Perfume: here


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