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Hi there, my name is Emma and welcome to my blog ‘LONDON STYLE GIRL’, my online personal diary of fashion and lifestyle. Although I’ve lived in London the whole 25 years of my life and very much consider myself a Londoner, I am only half British, while having a Finnish mum makes the other half Finnish. Fashion will always be my main priority but along the way, I hope you will also find my take on lifestyle, travel and living life to the full.

I always knew I wanted to work in the fashion industry and went on to get a degree in Fashion marketing but throughout my studies, fashion blogging wasn’t on the curriculum and as a career possibility, not something I knew even existed. I am delighted that I now have a job doing what I love every single day. There really isn’t anything better! For me personally, my blog is much more than the clothing I wear and the places that I go, it is a platform to be creative and watch myself grow as a person.
I mainly wear high-street items with the occasional high-end accessory and perhaps if I could have my dream it would be one day to sit front row at a Burberry fashion show. Style is always key and in this blog, I hope you will join me on my journey to discover what it means and what it is to be a ‘LONDON STYLE GIRL’. Posts will be going up every Wednesday and Sunday.

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