Different shades of grey

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Normally when I sit down to write about an outfit my mind goes from the top and just works its way down but in this case I want to go straight in and start talking about  plastic shoes! When new trends come along there is always something of the unknown and my View Post

Calvin Klein for a day

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‘Calvin Klein’ has come along way since its humble beginnings as a New York coat manufacturer in 1968. Nowadays the brand is all pervasive and very much part of the ‘fashion high street’. It’s not a brand particularly high on my wish list and yet it does View Post



I can’t believe I am saying this but this is my first time in a ‘Two-piece’, however I’ve got to say I really enjoyed wearing it!  The best bit for me is the off the shoulder top which is really pretty and something I am definitely going to be pairing with shorts over the summer. Although two-piece outfits look super cute and can be really eye catching they View Post

Hey Harrods

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Harrods’ is very London, and I wish it was my local store. The buildings itself, and its surrounding Knightsbridge streets, are so iconic that it is something I have always waned to include in a blog post. Here I’ve styled this particular look with everything black to draw

View Post

Trending in Denim

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Lets get real we spend far more time  in trainers than we do heels, well I do anyway, so heres a look at the more casual end of the fashion spectrum. It feels like denim has been around forever and just about all and every product has its denim option from boots to View Post