Camera confidence

I’d never describe myself as hugely camera confident but since I started blogging I have become more aware of what does and doesn’t work. I guess you could say my skill set has improved, admittedly from a pretty low base which if you scroll down to my first blog post View Post

Leaving London (but only for a month)

Hi everyone, if you follow my Instagram stories you might have picked up on a certain sense of excitement! I am off to spend some time in Sri Lanka and then Bali. I am really buzzing and I can’t wait to get out there and discover these beautiful parts of the world and after this long old winter again feel the sun on my back. This trip all came about a few View Post

How I got toned with a 5-minute routine

Hi everyone and welcome to a slightly different blog post from me, although I feel as though I have been saying that a lot recently – describing posts as ‘different’. I guess this one is different in the sense that I’ve never spoken before about fitness and that’s really View Post

No limits


For those of you who read my blog posts on your computers (rather than phones) you may have noticed at the start of the year I added in a few more drop down menus under my header. Instead of just ‘Fashion’ I now have ‘Advice with Emma’ and ‘Travel’. I guess it’s View Post

5 tips on becoming a fashion blogger

I’ve been thinking of ways in which I could make my blog more inclusive, and somehow more of a shared experience. People often ask me what exactly is blogging, how it’s done and could they do it?. So I’ve put together some observations and tips you may find interesting and helpful and It’s not just about fashion I want to share any skills or experiences I have learnt as I’ve made my way through life in my 25 years of living.They say Sharing is caring after all. So, first topic is the blogging itself as this is probably my most asked question on social media.
But before I do here’s a few important qualifications: I have been blogging for 11 months which has taught me a lot but in no way do I consider myself some sort of expert; in fact I’m learning all the time, but I am going to try to share with you some of those lessons that I have learnt. Most of these I’ve got to say from a lot of trial and error. Also if you are looking for any hidden secrets to change your following from hundreds to thousands of followers over night you wont find that here either – this is a personal post on things I’ve learnt along the way to becoming a fashion blogger.

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