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I’ve been enjoying writing non-fashion blog posts recently and when it came time to write this one something moved me to go in the direction of meaningful and useful. Self-belief has long been a subject of interest to me as I am not someone who views themselves as particularly confident. However, when I look back to how much self-belief I used to have to where I am now, I can see I have had the good fortune, to have learnt a little on my way. So with the disclaimer of (in the bigger picture) little old me being a relative beginner here are a few ideas that have worked for me(learnt normally the hard way) and which I would like to share.

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How to make the most of summer 2017

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It seems that as soon as Christmas is over everyone starts to look to the horizon waiting, for what many people is the highlight season of the year –  the summer. For me, it brings to mind wonderful summers from years before and the anticipation and excitement of View Post

What’s your passion?

P1010906P1010914P1010912If you are a regular to my blog you will have often heard me speak about how much I love blogging and how important it is to do what you love in life. Just recently I came to think about the time before I started blogging and before I knew where my true passion View Post

Why we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others


I recently read Victoria’s (Inthefrow) blog post on comparing yourself to others and it did make me think a lot. I suppose the first thing to say was that it came as a bit of a shock that she actually broached the subject – she is maybe one of the most followed bloggers in View Post

Little things to declutter your mind

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An awful lot happens inside our heads every second, every minute, every day, it can seem like a million thoughts but just how many have any real importance or relevance? Furthermore how many have the power to contribute to a negative experience of life? View Post