Unhappy in your job – it’s not compulsory!

 Hi, everyone! I feel like this blog post could be a little outside of my usual fashion and lifestyle interests. However, I want to write about my experiences since leaving university three years ago and finding myself in various jobs that after a certain period of time and for different reasons, I have wanted to leave. I guess the common denominator being that at the bottom line, my heart just wasn’t in it.

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Single on Valentines day


Happy Valentines day everyone,  I know that some of you will be stressing about not being in a relationship and not having a’valentine’so here’s a little blog post to maybe take away some of the anxieties from you guys not being in a relationship, on View Post

Social media – it’s not all it seems!

My Job is social media based and I don’t want to seem to ‘bite that hand that feeds me’ but this post represents my concern of what I see as an increasing gravity towards the concept of perfection on social media. Sometimes we need to think twice about it’s possible impact on how it makes us feel. I come across too many people who seem to be comparing their own lives to what they see on a screen and the perceptions that follow from it. When I was 16,17,18, social media wasn’t like it is today (gosh, do I make myself sound old?) but I am glad it wasn’t and I definitely don’t envy young girls growing up today having to find and be comfortable with an image of themselves, as they find themselves surrounded by so much apparent ‘perfection’.It is an aspect of modern life I feel passionate about and one that I wish there was more recognition of.

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My experience with Detox

This is my experience and some observations around my 14 day intense detox, something that has occupied my thinking for all of 2017 so far. I guess it seemed only right that I shared it with you guys especially if you have been following my instagram stories. It may help to explain some of the photos that include a strange looking green slush like drink that has crept into some recent posts!

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