Long weekend in Finland


I’ve just got back from spending the bank holiday weekend in Helsinki and by the looks of these photos, I spent the majority of time drinking tea or champagne! However, please believe me there was actually a lot more to my trip than that. I was primarily View Post

How I got toned with a 5-minute routine

Hi everyone and welcome to a slightly different blog post from me, although I feel as though I have been saying that a lot recently – describing posts as ‘different’. I guess this one is different in the sense that I’ve never spoken before about fitness and that’s really View Post

Normal is boring


Often when I am shooting outfit blog posts I don’t get the chance to look at the images until much later. While waiting for the results there is often quite a sense of anticipation as to how they are going to come out, basically, will they be any good or not. Anyway, I’ve View Post