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Suede (faux) is everywhere this season. When I think of suede I think of jackets or shoes but I love wearing it as a skirt and making that the centrepiece of View Post

Next on my wish list

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I know I spend far too much time browsing the Internet for clothes, so I thought I would share some of my most recent favourite items. I am in love with this Mickey Mouse jumper from Top shop, I saw a fashion blogger wearing it during London Fashion week a few days ago and thought it looked really good on her and was really happy when I then came across it online.

 A look I am really into at the moment is jeans, heals and a loose fitting jumper, I don’t know if it’s the London weather but I feel Kinda cosy in this combination. I know typically a jumper shouldn’t be matched with heals but I want to go ahead and do it anyway!

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Top to toe faux leather


Before ordering this outfit I felt it might be on the quirky side for me, however now I absolutely love it! It’s so easy to wear and perfectly transitions from day to night. The drawstring waist detail breaks it up and gives the illusion of View Post

Just throw it on


I love wearing long sleeve baggy dresses like this one. Once you have thrown it on your outfit is sorted; you just need to find the right shoes to match. Check is very in this season, especially the red check. It’s perfect to wear for days when you’re not feeling your slimmest, View Post

Lace up


I’ve seen this style top everywhere this season, but I love that this one is ribbed. Layering it with a leather jacket made me feel less exposed but going into the evening the top on its own is a View Post